What is Aging in Place?

Simply speaking - Aging in Place is the ability to live in your home safely, independently and enjoyably regardless of age, income or ambulatory level.

Why should I worry about Aging in Place if I am active and healthy?

Planning for your future is always the best course of action.  By utilizing Universal Design principles, we can help you better love the home you are in now as well as make it a home that will adapt to your changing needs as you age.  This is why we think of Aging in Place as Living in Place.

What can I do to make my home easier to visit for my family and friends with physical issues?

Remember "Visitability".  Do you have friends and relatives that can't visit you because they need some accessible features your home currently doesn't have?  We can help bring your family together, and often with simple changes that are very cost effective.

Why should I choose a Certified Aging in Place Specialists?

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, we have rigorously studied not only the construction methods needed to revitalize your home, but have also been trained to use universal design criteria to help you turn your home into one that can support your lifestyle as you age.

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